201 - When a dragon panics

Where's Dim Sum? #201 - When a dragon panics

Dim Sum is slightly amused by the dragon's panicked shrieks upon seeing a white cat. "Oh, for crying out loud,... keep calm.... It's not like I'm a spider.... Or a mouse...."

It's getting harder and harder to get just the right lighting. For this, I had to supplement the windlight with projector lights. Since I couldn't rez in the sim, I wore a set of three lights as attachments and just adjusted them to be able to light the dragon to emphasize it over the background. I have to play more with that Ambient setting in the local light feature; it strengthens the light better than the other settings.

Dim Sum is difficult to find here. Sorry about that. But the title gives a clue. :)

The dragon is "Dragon 2" (of course  ;)  ) by MeshtakesWereMade (Mesh Mafia).

location: Realm of Asgard

Technical notes

windlight: Nacon's Natural 10am (modified)
water: Nacon's Lake Water