207 - Hisssss

Where's Dim Sum? #207 - Hisssss

Where's Dim Sum? #207 - Hisssss (X3D)

Dim Sum lays on the cold slimy belly of one of her new frenemies, but she doesn't plan to relax around these guys. She doesn't trust them at all.

Dim Sum is not in the stereoscopic version.

This image demonstrates that it is not always easy to make a 2D composition work with stereoscopy, especially with stereo framing. With stereo framing, it is always better to get the whole object into the picture; otherwise, you get either an uninteresting frame or window violations.

The snakes, called "::: B@R ::: Uwabami", were created by June Dion (Bare Rose). Yes, Bare Rose! I was surprised too!

location: Araxes Mu Draconis

Technical notes

windlight: [TOR] SCIFI - Railingz 2 (modified)