199 - Goin' a sailin'

Where's Dim Sum? #199 - Goin' a sailin'

First mate Dim Sum meows at Captain Cerys as if to say, "We're ready to push off and sail away, Cap'n."

When I logged in, I saw this pink-attired kid nearby and I walked past her. Then as I was about to derender her, I realized it was Cerys Collins, owner of the sim. So I asked if she would stand still for an hour so I could include her in the pic, and she graciously agreed. Good thing I read her name tag first! :D

Oh, I should have taken a close-up shot of Cerys' human face. She has this cute innocent face and she parts her lips sweetly once in a while and bats her eyelashes. It really is charming. I thought it was a full mesh avie, but she said it's a hybrid.

Cerys also has a white cat avie, but with a black witch hat. But we figured people would get confused about which one Dim Sum is. :D  So she went back to her human form and hopped on the sailboat with me.

The sailboat is the "Oceanic" by Motor Loon.

model: Cerys Collins (cerys.celestalis)
location: Collins Land

Technical notes

windlight: [TOR] SUNSET - Damage down (modified)