192 - Twin cliffside cabins

Where's Dim Sum? #192 - Twin cliffside cabins

Dim Sum hears her tummy grumble as she gazes at the painting of dolphins and tuna.

Alki Point is one of the better known neighborhoods in the Seattle area. So I thought I'd go and visit. About half the sim is intended for live music events, but I cammed around and found this charming little spot with these charming little cabins. Like many areas in the real Puget Sound area, these cabins would be accessible only by boat, if it weren't for the teleporting and flying capabilities we have in SL, of course.

The off-sim mountains look similar to the ones in Whispering Winds; I'll have to check. But these ones are called "Y.B -sim surround landscape Dolina" by yony Bing.

location: Alki
Z&A Coffeehouse & Art Studio

Technical notes

windlight: Fine Day (modified)
water: Default (modified)