189 - White chapel

Where's Dim Sum? #189 - White chapel

Dim Sum enters the chapel and meows. She wonders why all voices sound so angelic inside a chapel. Must be the echoes. Or maybe the stillness.

Playing with overlays on a HUD to add effects to the image. See below for the filter that I used. It's just a colored gradient (one of the preset gradient colors in Gimp in a clockwise swirl) plus some HSV noise. At the very bottom is the same scene without the HUD.

I'm going to continue playing with these HUD overlays to add more interest to the image and to see if I can simulate Photoshop/Gimp effects with just overlays. Or at least get close enough.

location: Whispering Winds

Technical notes

windlight: Phototools- Angles Light 01 (modified)