190 - The guardian at the door

Where's Dim Sum? #190a - The guardian at the door

No Dim Sum #190b - The guardian at the door

Dim Sum wonders if doorcats get tipped. Or if they get toppled.

Playing with a HUD overlay again. I realized that media-on-a-prim doesn't display the alpha in the texture itself, so it's not possible to have more alpha in one area than in another. So I had to use Dim Sum's sole 10L to upload this filter/overlay.

That 10L was a gift from LL for Valentine's Day. I guess they wanted it back. But, at least, they didn't charge me interest.

The top image is the official image. That statue wasn't there the last time I was logged in, so imagine my surprise when I saw it today. The giant is called "Alesta - Discoverer Man Statue" created by Sun Fairlady.

And Dim Sum is not in the second image.

location: Whispering Winds

Technical notes

windlight: [TOR] SUNSET - Brouhatta charme (modified)