346 - Autumn's path

Where's Dim Sum? #346 - Autumn's path

Dim Sum ignores the squirrels next to her and tries to read the deer's mind instead. Compared to the endless chattering in the squirrels' minds, the deer's mind was very quiet, except for the mantra "grass ... grass... grass...."

I wanted the focus on the deer and on the lake beyond the path. That turned out to be a bit difficult to set up because the shadows weren't quite right. This was close enough.

  • The "Balderdash - Trees that line the paths - Old Road Width - Mossy" was created by Saiyge Lotus (Balderdash). 
  • The "Deer 1 Standing - Mesh" was created by Hannah Kozlowski (Just Animals).

location: It's a New Dawn by silvermoon Fairey

Technical notes

windlight: Fine Day (modified)