347 - Frozen too

Where's Dim Sum? #347 - Frozen too

Dim Sum meows, "Let it go.... Let it go.... I'm one with the wind and sky.... Let it go.... Let it go...."

After a short exchange with Richard (richartsharp), whom I met at "It's a New Dawn", he sent me some landmarks to check out. Telrunya is one of them. I figured it was time to create Opal's holiday card anyway.

Well, I haven't created the holiday card yet. In fact, I took this pictures last weekend but was so so harried and exhausted during the week that I didn't have time to create the settings picture and these blog posts, so I'm doing them kinda late.

The castle was created by Marcus Inkpen (The Looking Glass).

location: Telrunya

Technical notes

windlight: Default (modified)