339 - Under the Eiffel

Where's Dim Sum? #339 - Under the Eiffel

Dim Sum tries to avoid eye contact with the child who discovered her and started cooing at her.

I learned about the terrorist attack in the real world Paris via a group notice in SL. So I thought I'd do a series in the Paris Eiffel sim as a tribute to the victims and Parisians in general.

  • The "Femme Tohru 1900 v1.9 Bleu Blond" was created by Kenobi Hermans (K&H Creation).
  • The child "Louise" was created by fffred Auer (FFF's Gallery).
  • The "BGC Diner Patron - The Greeter" was created by Krikket Blackheart (Better Gnomes and Cauldrons).

The Second Life Paris sim has been around for years. Here's the first (stereoscopic) photo I took in 2009:

Fashion - Inga Wind "Minuet in Blue", X3D

location: Paris Eiffel

Technical notes

windlight: Places alirium (modified)