299 - Caged bird in the greenhouse

Where's Dim Sum? #299 - Caged bird in the greenhouse

Dim Sum is overwhelmed by all the birds in the greenhouse. Oh, what a torture to have to decide which one to chase!

Absolutely gorgeous greenhouse! I love the structure itself. The plants are gorgeous. The birds are beautiful and not too overwhelming.

A long time ago, one of my friends at work admired the nice big plant I had at my office window. It had big broad leaves and white leaf-like flowers.

She asked, "What do you call it?"

Suddenly, I panicked. I had given my car a name years prior, because a neighbor called her truck "Betsy". I wondered if there was some custom about naming plants too. So, I blurted the first name that came to mind, "Claudia."

I think my friend wanted to smack me then and there. She meant the name of that plant species. :D

It was a peace lily.

Anyway, that broad-leafed plant just behind the cage is a peace lily. The materials on that leaf makes it look so realistic, except I thought it was a banana leaf at first.

The "OO_Birdcage" was created by Oriolus Oliva (The Golden Oriole).
The "MP_Peace Lily Plant in Pot" was created by Reid Parkin.
The ":CP: Summer Greenhouse" was created by Isla Gealach (Cheeky Pea).

location: Corona

Technical notes

windlight: Oceane's Body Designs (modified)