296 - What dreams may come

Where's Dim Sum? #296 - What dreams may come

Dim Sum eyes the deer and slowly creeps forward as she imagines herself in the savanna, hunting wild game, like her ancestors before her.

My model is Kacedy, who was already sitting there when I was looking around. I didn't want to derez her though, because she becomes the point of interest in the scene.

The many colors of the various field flowers reminded me of that walking-into-the-painting scene in the movie "What Dreams May Come" with Robin Williams and Cuba Gooding Jr. I love that movie; every scene was eye candy.

While I was combining the screenshots of the settings for the Technical Notes section below, I realized that this (and #295) kinda look good in black and white. So I created the b&w version but with color levels tweaked a bit and then the image cropped for better composition. I think I like the b&w version better.

The "deer" was created by Hannah Kozlowski.

model: Kacedy
location: Crystal Gardens

B&W version: 296 - What dreams may come

Technical notes

windlight: Phototools- Lo Light 03 (modified)
water: Murky