291 - Fishy anticipation

Where's Dim Sum? #291 - Fishy anticipation

Dim Sum sits on her haunches, ready to spring forward as soon as that fish flies out of the water in the hook. Seagulls are no match for her speed and tenacity. Mwahahahahaha!

We're on the boardwalk on the beach of Opal's home and store. Mer Betta is underwater at the NW corner, and Ms.O.Lei-ny hasn't been set up yet.

The "{what next} Waterfront Chair (white)" was created by Winter Thorn ({what next}).
The "Bethi's Sculpted Seagull" was created by Bethi Catteneo.

location: Mer Betta / Ms.O.Lei-ny

Technical notes

windlight: Phototools- Lo Light 03 (modified)
water: Default