290 - Snow thrones

Where's Dim Sum? #290 - Snow thrones

Dim Sum takes shelter under the chair while she chats with her newfound companion.

Jewel was looking for places to take pictures. I needed something more interesting, so I asked her if she would be in my picture. (I was too lazy to dress up Opal appropriately. :) ) And she agreed! Yay!

I was already done with the windlight and composition, so I didn't take too long. :)

Btw, that "meteorite" is a streak of light that goes toward the trees in the back. It's not really heading our way. ;)

The "{WB} Winter Whimsy" thrones were created by Kyra Reiter (Wishbringer).
The "[we're CLOSED] paper lanterns white branch 2 light" was created by Wendy Xeno ([we're CLOSED]).

model: JewelOfDeNiel - photostream, blog
location: Isles of Lyonesse

Technical notes

windlight: Bristol (modified)