275 - Calm down, Uncle.

Where's Dim Sum? #275 - Calm down, Uncle.

Calm down, Uncle! Don't you recognize me?

The sim has a lot of these birds flying around. Too much clutter for a picture though. I was lucky to catch this one with just one bird, without having to derender the entire slew of them.

The tiger and the tree trunk suggested the composition already, but it was very difficult to find a good windlight for this. In a sense, I switched the focus to the "frame", instead of the ruins near the middle of the image. The tiger blends in with the tree trunk, unfortunately, but the blue bird added a nice spot of color and balance.

The "ACS Jungle - Tiger" was created by Alex ACS (ACS).

location: Bastet's Paradise

Technical notes

windlight: Phototools- Dream Book Light 03 (modified)