261 - A girl and her cat

Where's Dim Sum? #261 - A girl and her cat

Opal meows. Dim Sum stares back blankly, thinking, "Why do humans even bother to imitate cat-speak? Don't they know their meows are unintelligible to native meowers?"

Meow. Meow. Meow. I thought of having a male-female couple on the table, but that's too cliche.

It was a bit tricky to move the camera to just the right position, while keeping the focus on the outside scene. I decided not to do too much DOF here, because there's still a sharp line around the DOF'd objects, which doesn't look right.

The "DIGS - Constance Potted Orchids" was created by Iris Maskelyne (DIGS - Furniture and Prefabs).
The "Culprit Edwardian Folly" building was created by eku Zhong (Culprit Fine Furniture).

model: Opal Lei
location: The Trace

Technical notes

windlight: Bryn Oh's Virginia Alone (modified)