255 - Humpback knight

Where's Dim Sum? #255 - Humpback knight

Dim Sum looks up at the stone knight and meows (in cat-speak, of course), "Very familiar to me, you seem.... Met you before, have I?..."

Sometimes, it can be challenging to find a treatment that hasn't been tried before, an unusual angle, an unexplored subject.

But, at least, with my new machine, I don't waste time crashing anymore. I can try any setting without fear of that dreaded message that my graphics card has reset. My screen doesn't go blank anymore whenever I take a picture, not even a freeze, so I have to check the folder to make sure I actually took the picture.

I could get used to this. ;)

The "[ SKY ] The Valiant Statue" was created by ixysha.

location: Caelestium Isle

Technical notes

windlight: Phototools- Hospital Light 01 (modified)