242 - To meet a Montague

Where's Dim Sum? #242 - To meet a Montague

Dim Sum looks up at the sound of rustling silk and watches the figure run past her under the bright moonlight.

This location now has significance to me. W had taken me here and, after a month-long argument, we reconnected again. So I made a landmark and sent it to Dim Sum.

I was looking around for a good shot, when I got a ding-ding with the question, "why did you decide to be a cat ?" :)  That started a conversation that went from modeling and blogging and photography and virtual relationships. (I accidentally gave her the link to my book blog instead of my 365 project blog.) And it turns out that we're already following each other in Flickr!

Angelika agreed to be in my photo and she was a good sport to even change clothes for me! I love this Renaissance photo of her and it seemed more appropriate for the location (or at least the composition I had in mind), so she changed into that gown. And I went more close-up for this one than I had originally planned to get her more into focus.

model: Angelika Corral
location: Winter Moon

Technical notes

windlight: Annan Adored Light Explosion (modified)