278 - Silent night

Where's Dim Sum? #278 - Silent night

Dim Sum resists the temptation to chase the white pompom at the tip of Opal's cap. After a few seconds, she succumbs and attacks the fluffy thing.


I might not have time to do another set until after the holidays, so this is also my holiday card. The version with the greetings is below.

The Santa hat was created by Lika Meili (Estequal Design Studio). But I couldn't find it in her Marketplace store, so I did the same search ("winter hat") and found it again. (I could have found it in my order history but SL gave me an error.)

Apparently, I had gotten it from someone who violated the contract of the full-perms hat by giving it away free. If you want a full-perms legitimate copy, you can get it inworld for 100L at the EVLAND Christmas store.

location: Aspen Fell

Technical notes

windlight: Night (modified)

277 - Not the pearly gates

Where's Dim Sum? #277 - Not the pearly gates

Dim Sum moves to a spot where there's no white stuff and watches people as they arrive and make their way through the broken gate.

This is actually the third picture I took. I cheated and swapped the order with the second one because I wanted the second one to be my last one until I can do my next ones. Since it's the holidays, the next set might be a while. Or it might be during the holidays. Who knows? :)

The "Broken gate, Posts and side fencing" was created by Angharad Greggan (Razor Bird Old and Broken Stuff).

location: Aspen Fell

Technical notes

windlight: Places District8 (modified)

276 - Rocky mountain high

Where's Dim Sum? #276 - Rocky mountain high

Dim Sum feels the powder crushing under her paws as she stops to look up in the sky and wonder why humans stick their tongues out for these white little things that fall down.

A plea to builders: Please, please do not set your objects to full bright! They look so fake with most windlight settings!

The "Skye Snow" was created by Alex Bader (Studio Skye).

location: Aspen Fell

Technical notes

windlight: Annan Adored Light Explosion III (modified)

275 - Calm down, Uncle.

Where's Dim Sum? #275 - Calm down, Uncle.

Calm down, Uncle! Don't you recognize me?

The sim has a lot of these birds flying around. Too much clutter for a picture though. I was lucky to catch this one with just one bird, without having to derender the entire slew of them.

The tiger and the tree trunk suggested the composition already, but it was very difficult to find a good windlight for this. In a sense, I switched the focus to the "frame", instead of the ruins near the middle of the image. The tiger blends in with the tree trunk, unfortunately, but the blue bird added a nice spot of color and balance.

The "ACS Jungle - Tiger" was created by Alex ACS (ACS).

location: Bastet's Paradise

Technical notes

windlight: Phototools- Dream Book Light 03 (modified)

274 - In the jungle, the mighty jungle

Where's Dim Sum? #274 - In the jungle, the mighty jungle

Dim Sum guards the end of the bridge to start charging toll. But nobody comes.

I think this image captures the feel of the sim best. There is a great variety of flora. Not too crowded with trees. And I love how the colors of the ruins blend in with the surrounding plants while adding a touch of otherworldliness, if there is such a word, with the smudges of bright blue.

The "ACS Jungle - Moss Bridge" was created by Alex ACS (ACS).

location: Bastet's Paradise

Technical notes

windlight: AnaLutetia - STUDIO3 (modified)
water: Nacon's Water

273 - Ruins through ruins

Where's Dim Sum? #273 - Ruins through ruins

Dim Sum warms herself by the fire, grateful that someone built one in the middle of a jungle.

I'm guessing that this sim was commissioned. The profile of the creator of the objects does not advertise any store. And digging through his profile, I found one where all of them have the last name "ACS" so that's a custom last name, and usually individuals cannot afford custom last names. So ACS must be a company somewhere, probably Japan. Please comment below if you know anything about them.

The "ACS Jungle - Castle Ruin Parts" was created by Alex ACS (ACS).

location: Bastet's Paradise

Technical notes

windlight: AnaLutetia - STUDIO3 (modified)

272 - Tree in Paradise

Where's Dim Sum? #272 - Tree in Paradise

Dim Sum sleepily gazes at the reflections on the water.

I had to derez the sim surround because it was feeling very crowded. It's actually a jungle and it's the best jungle I've seen in SL, although there were things that were really anachronistic, like the photo studio and the scifi-looking pod-homes.

location: Bastet's Paradise

Technical notes

windlight: Fine Day (modified)
water: Default (modified)