224 - White wolf, white cat, white Christmas

If cats could giggle, Dim Sum would have giggled at the big scary wolf with the little Santa hat. Instead, she looks up at him adoringly for doing her this little favor.

I was very happy that he agreed to be in this Christmas photo, wearing a silly Santa hat. I simply told him that I already sent a copy of the Santa hat to Dim Sum and that I had to resize it smaller. I thought he would resize it larger, but this worked out well. The smaller size made the hat look daintier, which was a juxtaposition to his larger-than-life gruff and scary demeanor. :D

My original idea was to have him hold Dim Sum in one of his (large) hands, but his beast AO didn't have a ground sit, and I couldn't rez an object to position Dim Sum. So we had to make do. I moved Dim Sum farther away for better composition and to make his neck look less distorted.

Anyway, ... Happy Holidays!

model: "mon loup blanc"
location: Slightly Twisted

Technical notes

windlight: AnaLu - outdoor city (modified)
water: Default