223 - Westminster altar

Where's Dim Sum? #223 - Westminster altar

Dim Sum quietly pads through the darkened cathedral. She could almost hear the echo of her breath.

Real life exploded. In a very good way. Last month has been very lucky and very busy. First, we moved to a new (bigger) place, which became available after almost a year of waiting, so I had to pack, move, and clean the old place in the span of a week or so. We're still unpacking. Second, Thanksgiving happened (I was stuffed), and also my sister's 25th-wedding-anniversary-vow-renewal ceremony and reception. Third, I accepted a job offer and I started last week.

That said, I have to be very selective about what I do during my now-much-rarer free time. Dim Sum will continue until Day 365. However, that day could very well be a few years from now. ;)

location: House of Tudor, Rosemont (with permission)

Technical notes

windlight: [TOR] SUNSET - Azure desertation 2 (modified)