220 - Baa, baa, blackface sheep

Where's Dim Sum? #220 - Baa, baa, blackface sheep

Dim Sum interrogates the sheep to find out what they know about the wool industry of the kingdom. But the sheep simply prodded her and wondered why her wool wasn't as thick or as fluffy as theirs. And they were shocked to find out that Dim Sum has never been sheared.

I couldn't get to the sim that I was invited to visit. I could see it on the map but when I try to teleport, SL says it couldn't find it. So I went to Tudor Rose instead.

While I was mucking with the windlight, a two-day-old newbie came really really close, and I thought he was going to bump me off my position. But he didn't. Then eventually, he moved around me, off camera. Then he came back again and got stuck in the tree trunk. So I said hello and he replied. Based on his name, I figured he spoke Spanish (or Italian) and when I asked him he simply said "jejeje". You could tell the Spanish-speaking people by their "jejeje" or "jajaja" laugh. ;)

Anyway, we had a short conversation with my broken Spanish and occasionally with Google Translate's broken Spanish. :) He said he's checking out this "juego" and I told him SL is not a "juego", but he could meet a lot of people here. Then I suggested he could go to live music events and, after he said he is also a musician in RL, then I sent him the URL to the wiki about music in SL. Then he escaped before I could give him more reading assignments. After all, who ever heard of getting homework from a cat inside a "juego"?  :D

The sheep are called ") AI ( A Grazing Blackface Sheep" and ") AI ( A Watchful Blackface Sheep" by alchemyimmortalis.cyannis (Alchemy Immortalis)

location: House of Tudor, Rosemont (with permission)

Technical notes

windlight: Fluffy Big Clouds (modified)
water: Default