217 - Romanum's shrine

Where's Dim Sum? #217 - Romanum's shrine

Dim Sum listens to the rushing river and sniffs the orange-scented air. If only all mornings were nice and sunny like this.

Michel Karmin was having problems with his Mer Betta tail. He asked for a tp, because he said I wouldn't be allowed in Romanum, where he was.

After we figured out that he was wearing the wrong parts of the product (and he later showed me many other interesting male mer parts), he put on several of his different mer avies, as well as other avies (a very realistic deer and a bat with its own dead tree that it hangs from). He has a gazillion of these avies!

Before he answered the call of "a cute Roman," who needed him, he gave me a notecard about Romanum. But the landmark took me underwater, deep in the mer domain. Dim Sum lost a life, I tell ya!

Romanum is an adult sim exclusively for gay men and white cats. (Well, the "white cats" part is not officially sanctioned, but shhhh!) It is a very adult sim. Not that I'm complaining about the very explicit sculptures all around the sim, mind you. This spot is probably the only PG part of the sim, although I haven't looked closely at the bas relief on that shrine.

The temple (GK Roman Temple Small) and shrine (GK Lalarium Roman Shrine) were created by Grey Kurka (The Curious Prim), whose sim Mythopoeia I've visited before.

location: Romanum (Adult)

Technical notes

windlight: [EUPHORIA] that day (modified)
water: Pond (modified)