183 - The pirate and his hostage

Where's Dim Sum? #183 - The pirate and his hostage

Dim Sum listens to the pirate tell tall tales while his lovely hostage rolls her eyes.

I was just setting up when I got a ding-ding. And then another. The first turned out to be from a pirate, and the second from his hostage.

The very charming (and very funny) couple agreed to be in my picture, so while I was playing with composition and windlight, the pirate regaled us with stories about how he kidnapped his lady love from Caledon and demanded a large sum of Lindens and an Egg Mcmuffin. Apparently, nine months later, he hasn't gotten the ransom yet. Instead, he has a bounty over his head now.

Soon, the conversation went to tuna, mermaids, zombies, chihuahuas, zombie chihuahuas, ....

The pirate said, "You know, I once had a zombie chihuahua head as a pet."

And his hostage replied, "I'm going to stop being surprised by the things you say. It just wastes energy."


models: Callidus Waydelich and Iolanthe Greymoon
location: Maria Lynn Falls

Technical notes

windlight: [TOR] SUNRISE - Clouds indifferent (modified)