180 - White cats and Mz

Where's Dim Sum? #180 - White cats and Mz

Mz, Dim Sum, and Matty, the white Bengal tiger, quietly enjoy a lovely morning under the warm Indian sun by the banyan grove.

Mz Marville sent out notecards inviting people to check out her newly redecorated sim, which she shares with Autom Nightfire. She promised to show me the secret place, so I just had to go. She was logged in and IM'd me that she found Dim Sum. :D

I noticed that Matty, the white Bengal tiger, was floating above ground a bit, so she came over and gave me permission to edit her objects. (The girl trusts me too much.... *evil snicker*) Anyway, we ended up chatting about

This was yesterday morning. We ended up chatting about mermaids, machinimas, mesh, and everything else for hours after that, until we were both too tired (around noon PST), so I just went to bed and didn't get a chance to upload until now.

model: Mz Marville
location: Maria Lynn Falls

Technical notes

windlight: Annan Adored Light Explosion I (modified)