356 - Stoop dee doop

Where's Dim Sum? #356 - Stoop dee doop

Dim Sum watches the new people pop in and walk by, looking all lost and confused.

I had a surprise last week. Windows 10 offered to be upgraded and I agreed. It looked like a major upgrade because the upgrade took a while and then it had to reboot. It's not like one of those where it would upgrade when you turned off your machine anyway. This one specifically asked when you would like to restart.

After the upgrade, everything looked normal. That is, until I tried to open Firestorm.

First, the login page looked strange, like this:

The components of the page were all over the place. And there was that message that said:
We were unable to decode the file storing your saved login credentials. At this point saving or deleting credentials will erase all those that were previously stored. This may happen when you change network setup. Restarting the viewer with previous network configuration may help recovering your saved login credentials. 
Ooookay. I was seriously wondering if I had just installed malware. But I reentered my credentials and logged in. O... M... G....

That's when I realized the resolution somehow increased. The UI components shrunk so I had to change the setting for that. But the image was OMG!

Anyway, that change in resolution changed my workflow with Dim Sum's images. In the past, I did Ctrl-` to get 3840x2054. Then I used Firestorm's Snapshot feature to take pictures of the settings for the Technical Notes section below.

Now, when I do Ctrl-`, I get 7680x4110 but part of the image is cropped off the top and the right side, by about an inch. So, I now use the Snapshot feature with Current Window to get 3840x2054, and I use a Custom size of 1920x1027 for the Technical Notes. The good news is that I can now use the Filter in Snapshot! That adds interest to the windlight!

*sigh* Just as the series is ending! How cruel is that?!? Oh, well, at least I can use it in machinimas.

location: Saint Pete City by NevaCrystall

Technical notes

windlight: Annan Adored Dusty (modified)
filter: AutoContrast