316 - Gingivitis Express

Where's Dim Sum? #316 - Gingivitis Express

Dim Sum wonders if a dog biscuit could help clean this train's teeth. Or is it too late?

This is actually the front end of the train from #315. What seems like an ordinary train materializing from nowhere (well, alright, so that in itself is not really "ordinary") is actually this one-eyed monster whose front grills are decaying teeth. And that's not the only thing decaying about this train. I discovered something even more grisly in one of the cars ... a pile of decaying .... Well, maybe you should find out yourself. ;)

The train "Geisterbahn AKA: George" was created by faust.steamer (Contraption).

location: SL12B Beguile

Technical notes

windlight: Ambient Dark (modified)