304 - Not quite Kanagawa

Where's Dim Sum? #304 - Not quite Kanagawa

Dim Sum sits and looks around her in awe at the big fishes and strange creatures.

OMG! OMG! OMG! This sim is a feast for the eyes! It is so immersive that it's really like walking into someone's dream world (which is more in line with the SL12B theme "What Dreams May Come").

I was planning to just take one photo of each of the 13 sims, but I changed my mind. Obviously. :) If the sims remain open for a while longer, I'll be taking more photos in this sim.

The Poseidon's Abyss sim was built by Haveit Neox. Shown here is the "Mini Fish City 1".

location: Fantasy Faire 2015

Technical notes

windlight: Oceane's Body Designs (modified)
water: Glassy