302 - Ichi Flowers

Where's Dim Sum? #302 - Ichi Flowers

Dim Sum watches the giant dragonfly whirr above her. "Yes, that's it.... Come closer...."

I had to derez a lot of things in the far background because of full-bright vendors that ruin the picture. *sigh* I wish there was a setting in the viewer that lets you turn off all full-bright things.

This overexposure effect on only one side was a combination of sun position and SG. Foc. Those dots on the left are actually some full-bright tops over columns in the water.

The flowers were created by Sharni Azalee (The Looking Glass).

location: Fantasy Faire 2015

B&W version: 302 - Ichi Flowers

Technical notes

windlight: Oceane's Body Designs (modified)