278 - Silent night

Where's Dim Sum? #278 - Silent night

Dim Sum resists the temptation to chase the white pompom at the tip of Opal's cap. After a few seconds, she succumbs and attacks the fluffy thing.


I might not have time to do another set until after the holidays, so this is also my holiday card. The version with the greetings is below.

The Santa hat was created by Lika Meili (Estequal Design Studio). But I couldn't find it in her Marketplace store, so I did the same search ("winter hat") and found it again. (I could have found it in my order history but SL gave me an error.)

Apparently, I had gotten it from someone who violated the contract of the full-perms hat by giving it away free. If you want a full-perms legitimate copy, you can get it inworld for 100L at the EVLAND Christmas store.

location: Aspen Fell

Technical notes

windlight: Night (modified)